Manufacturing For Others

We are the Gulf Care Factory for the industry of the leading manufacturer of health and cos- metic products the factory obtained licenses from the General Authority SFDA e cosma and licensing of medical devices prod-ucts and cosmetic products, experience for more than twenty years in the field of health- care and cosmetics products.

We would also like to notify you that the factory has access to ISO certificates.


We are pleased and honored to meet your wishes by manufacturing your own products after determining the SR based on the forms and sizes of the packages and quantities to be manufactured and other technical matters from the registration of products in the Gener- al Authority SFDA and the register of the nec- essary licenses to proceed for the products, which will be discussed based on the upris- ing to ensure the application of the highest standards of professionalism in the work.

Production sections and lines at the factory::

  • Disinfectants and health Sanitizers
  • Shampoo Department
  • Women hygiene products
  • Ointment Department
  • Mouthwash section
  • Oil Department
  • Soap section
  • Creams Section
  • Gel section

The most important brands of The Gulf Care Factory


In order to be able to see the required prod-ucts, this requires:

  • Samples of the product to be manufac-tured.
  • Product composition.
  • In the absence of installations, the plantmanufactures according to the installa-tions approved by the factory.
  • Determine the required quantities of the product to be manufactured.

Steps to manufacture a product with a special brand: 

Bidding by the factory. –

Contracting the manufacture of products.-

Design, packages, andt-leafproducts in case of lack of designs.-

Import packages if they are not available in the Saudi market. –

The owner of the brand is responsible for the necessary packaging designs and licenses.-

The customer pays for the packages imported specifically for him.-

Licensing products from the General Food and Drug Administration. –

Adoption of product samples in accor – dance with customer requirements.-

The duration of work from contracting to receiving a product with a special brand ranges from 30 to 90 days depending on the availability of packaging and materials necessary for manufacturing.


Manufacturing For Others


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