4 myths about lice, get to know them!!

14 September 2021

4 myths about lice, get to know them!!

There are many myths about lice that are believed by some to be beneficial, but in reality they are nothing more than myths and inherited ideas.
Therefore, as part of our social responsibility, we take it upon ourselves to correct perceptions and provide original products and natural solutions.

Lice sprays are harmful and unsafe: In fact, lice sprays are safe and have been tested and approved by the competent authorities to solve lice infection and its spread among age groups, mostly schools.

Frequent use of lice shampoo damages the hair, in fact, using the best lice shampoo such as Kleinze shampoo for lice is completely safe on the hair and effective in eliminating hair lice.

The use of insecticides is sufficient to eliminate lice: This is one of the most dangerous behaviors, as we think that insecticides are safe and are in fact unsuitable for human use and may cause serious complications, while a safe alternative is to use a spray to treat lice as one of the non-prescription medicines .

Lice help to increase hair and its density: a common and incorrect belief because lice have a negative impact on the pollution of the hair scalp and the emergence of bacteria that, with time and neglect, cause diseases and complications.

Lice spray for children is not suitable: On the contrary, the lice spray formula is suitable for young and old and is safe to get rid of hair insects.

Is Kaida spray the best lice spray?

Gulf Care is one of the best brands in the cosmetics and health industry; Always trust our expertise to get the best results and you can try authentic products drawn from the natural world.

Kaida spray has the property of physical action, when spraying the solution on clean, dry hair, it is left for 8 hours and after combing you will notice the softness of the hair.
The benefits of Kaida spray do not stop as it is a spray intended for lice, but is used for cases that suffer from itchy scalp.

How to use lice spray

Spray the spray on dry hair and leave it on the hair.

Rinse the hair with water and use a new, sterile towel each time.

To get better results and get rid of lice in a shorter period, we recommend using a lice shampoo in addition to the spray.

When getting rid of lice permanently, we recommend that after a week or two, repeat the use of the spray to ensure the cleanliness of the hair and get rid of lice eggs.

How to use Kleinze shampoo for lice

Apply an amount of shampoo and distribute to wet hair.

Massage the scalp until foam appears and leave for 5-10 minutes.

Wash hair well with water.

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