Enjoy your daily tasks without pain “Rumethol ointment”

28 July 2021

Enjoy your daily tasks without pain
“Rumethol ointment”

The body is an essential part of our concern for outward appearance; So your body deserves care from Gulf Care to feel the comfort that accompanies you daily.

After physical exertion, most people experience an unpleasant feeling the next morning that greatly affects the performance of the day, so Gulf Care has produced rheuthol ointment for bone, joint and muscle pain and to provide you with comfort throughout the day.

Many of the bone and joint pain as a result of rheumatoid or rheumatoid infections, bruises, or as a result of falls, and some of them are the result of tendinitis and muscle strain.
Many bone and joint pain as a result of infections
Regardless of the many reasons, rhumathol ointment is extracted from herbal ingredients that act as a topical analgesic to relax muscles and relieve bone and joint pain.

Chemical composition and its benefits:

Camphor compound relieves arthritis and swelling caused by bruises and after falls and slips

Wintergreen oil helps to ease the massage and quickly absorb the ointment into the skin and get comfortable results

The herbal scent menthol formula extracted from natural peppermint oil, helps bones, joints and muscles feel the warm cooling effect which speeds up recovery and response faster and relieves pain.

Rhumthol ointment is a oil-based substance derived from herbal materials and contains the active ingredient rhumathol, which improves the condition of inflamed nerves, muscle tension, bone and joint pain.

How to use

Put an appropriate amount on the places of pain, and massage it well to be absorbed by the skin.

In cases of strong pain, it is preferable to use it after a hot bath.

Situations that require the use of rheuthol ointment



Sprained ankle

torn ligaments



lifting heavy objects

Gulf care experts tips to avoid injuries

When sleeping: Avoid very cold places, especially for people with rheumatism, back pain and rheumatoid arthritis

In sports: Warming up the muscles before exercising helps avoid muscle and joint damage, tearing or inflammation.

On occasions: Choosing the right and comfortable type of shoe for the feet will avoid exposure to ankle sprain, and this type of injury is common in women.
In public places: Children and the elderly are more likely to fall and get bruised in some public places due to the presence of soft floors, to maintain them, our experts recommend wearing non-slip shoes or choosing suitable types.Rhumathol Tubes

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