Aloe vera oil

28 July 2021

Nature’s treasure: Aloe vera oil
Discover the quality of health products in Gulf Care for health and cosmetic products and a natural formula with a high concentration to get the benefits of nature in an original product, our choices are based on modern solutions and hair process derived from the spirit of nature.
It’s time for us to inspire you Aloe vera for hair: Aloe vera oil: stimulates hair follicles for growth, as many studies have proven that the aloe vera tree as one of the safe herbal plants for external use since 1500 years, as it contains fatty acids and omega 3 that play an important role in stimulating hair growth and solving scalp problems. Aloe vera oil: a solution to scalp problems, we offer you at Gulf Care the original aloe vera oil by examining a group of the best aloe vera plants and extracting a herbal oil rich in nutrients and its anti-inflammatory composition, which works to balance the pH and control the secretion of excess oils that cause itching and annoying appearance for dandruff. Aloe vera oil: Reduces hair loss The original aloe vera oil preserves the hair and protects it from continuous loss when it is included in the weekly hair care routine, as it nourishes the hair from the follicles to the ends and enhances its luster and density. Beauty recipe: Add an appropriate amount of original aloe vera oil from the Gulf Care Store With some drops of coconut oil or with any ingredients that suit you, such as an oil bath or a hair mask, then leave it on clean, dry hair for 60-120 minutes and wash the hair after that and enjoy healthy, shiny and soft hair

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